Who we work with

CBM™ has carried out specific works through projects plan system for national businesses. Additionally we have developed alliances with PEMEX and national institutions that have permitted CBM™ fortify its business areas. CBM™ along its fifteen years of business continuance, has managed to harvest an accumulation of relations that permit him to be unfolded and to unfold knowledge shared in the projects and programs where we’ve performed.



Regulatory entities

We have developed projects for the regulatory entities of the sector in Mexico.


Prepare the bases of the Mexican Energy Reform at the request of the National Executive.

General actions:

  • Carrying out a comparative analysis of the impact on Pemex, and on the hydrocarbons sector in general, due to possible modifications to the regulatory framework that governs them.
  • Preparation of the necessary proposals to ensure the strengthening of Pemex in a new environment and the good performance of the hydrocarbons sector in general, aimed at establishing a development model with planning of the sector and the participation of third parties in productive activities.

Multidisciplinary team:

  • CBM Engineering Exploration and Production
  • AINDA Consultores
  • PROTEGO Evercore Partners
  • Analítica Energética
  • Ritch Mueller
  • Valdes Abascal y Brito Anderson S.C. - Abogados
  • Ricardo Samaniego Breach


  • Creation of the National Hydrocarbon Commission (CNH) as technical arm of the Secretariat of Energy (SENER).
  • The bases were agreed to boost national content in hydrocarbon activities.


Diagnosis of the Regulatory Framework and preparation of proposals for Regulation of Hydrocarbon Well Operations, with regard to the content of the Energy Reform, and proposal for Organizational Restructuring and Sizing of the Commission for the administration of the legal-regulatory framework for hydrocarbons.