At CBMX we are committed to quality, with which we plan, execute and control the activities necessary for the development of the mission, through the provision of services with high quality standards, which are measured through satisfaction indicators of users, suppliers, workers and interested parties.

We have defined our Quality Policy as follows:

“It is the quality policy of CBMX Petroleum Engineering Services and the Integral Center for Talent Development “CIDT” to offer reliable and quality services in a timely manner in the national and international market, through technical assistance and specialized consulting in engineering processes and projects. of human talent management, as well as in the career development methodology based on competencies and in the design and development of training programs, applying innovative methodologies and techniques, to satisfy the requirements of our clients and generate the maximum value to their processes and products”

Acting under the principles of quality and excellence guides us to identify the vital processes that allow, through its human talent, a better control of activities, the achievement of the objectives defined for each process in an efficient and effective way, as well as the adoption of the culture of continuous improvement, through day-to-day management.

Our staff:

  • Understands the pertinence and importance of carrying out the activities of its processes with quality to generate greater efficiency, effectiveness and efficacy of products and services;
  • Documents the work processes to control the approval and its efficiency.
  • Optimize products and services to minimize time and costs.
  • Identify opportunities for improvement, risks and lessons learned for continuous improvement.
  • Ensures compliance with the requirements and demands to increase the satisfaction of our clients and related parties.