About the foundation

The Chapopote Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization that was born as a result of the publication of the novel "Chapopote, historical fiction of oil in Mexico", written by our General Director, Luis Vielma Lobo, which is a contribution to the knowledge of the oil culture of the country.

The Foundation will aim to contribute to training and specialization in the topics associated with hydrocarbons, fostering an oil culture in society, with emphasis on the undergraduate and graduate student population of careers related to the activity in Mexico. Likewise, it is proposed to promote innovation by supporting research programs in the sector, especially in the country's higher education centers. To this end we have signed a Collaboration Agreement with the Engineering Faculty of the UNAM for the development of various programs aimed at fulfilling this objective.

2018 fellows
2019 fellows

Current programs

Chapopote Foundation Annual Scholarship Program for UNAM thesis

3 scholarships for students of:

  • Petroleum engineering
  • Geophysical Engineering
  • Geological Engineering

Its objective is to promote innovation and creativity in the research topics for Bachelor Thesis and to encourage the search for solutions and alternatives for the hydrocarbon sector in Mexico.

Sponsorship program for student events

It consists of granting special financial support to student organizations to carry out activities that encourage the exchange of information and experiences among students.