A message from our directors

Because we believe in an energy-sustainable Mexico, we reiterate our commitment to always be a reference company, distinguished by the excellence of our people, the application of innovative concepts and the deep commitment to create value for our customers.

One of our greatest strengths is the technical and operational experience in processes of the value chain of the oil industry in Mexico, and in particular in Exploration and Production. We offer services recognized for their high quality standards through our team of consultants, practitioners who have the technical knowledge and practical experience to guarantee the highest results.

Our team is characterized by the deep knowledge of Mexican geography and geology because we have worked with Pemex Exploration and Production, PEP, in more than 400 projects, from designing wells, through the optimization of production in fields, the characterization of deposits, evaluation and design of facilities, and development of talent, measurement of skills and planning of technical and executive careers. All these experiences have allowed us to develop a unique knowledge platform, which is an important differentiating factor compared to other companies.

We continue to look forward with optimism and confidence, attentive to new opportunities and challenges that arise, that allow us to generate value to the company, customers, suppliers, allies and friends who know us and know that they can trust us. We have built this loyalty with each project carried out, because for us teamwork is fundamental: it is about putting all the ideas on the table and developing the greatest possible potential of each of the participants and reaching the state of the art in each project.

The story continues. With the experience and lessons learned we want to continue growing, because we believe in the strength of innovation, creativity and the search for new ways of doing things. We have taken solid roots in this promising land where we want to continue growing and bringing the best of our talent to accompany our clients on their route to maximum operational efficiency. In the same way we want to contribute to the strengthening of the Mexican oil industry that, without any doubt, has everything necessary to be among the best in the world. We will remain by your side to celebrate that success.

Luis Vielma Lobo and Freddy Pérez Díaz