A message from our directors

CBM Ingeniería Exploración y Producción celebrates 15 years. Since our beginnings our purpose has been to provide value to the Mexican oil industry, counting with all the years of experience accumulated in the Venezuelan oil industry. With patience, persistence, tenacity and above all confidence in ourselves, we took our first steps, and throughout these years we have built a name, an image, a brand of great professional value, but above all moral.

Having lived the experience of working in a large company such as Petróleos de Venezuela, It was very important for our professional growth, family and professional lives. The CBM consultant is not a traditional consultant, nor is it a service staff; is a specialist or a practitioner, term that combines in its meaning, technical knowledge and practical experience. This capacity is unique and characteristic of those of us who are part of this company.

Another very particular feature is the acquired knowledge of geography and Mexican geology. Having worked during these 15 years with Pemex Exploration and Production, PEP, in more than 400 projects of different nature has given us that differentiating factor. From the design of wells, through the optimization of production in fields, the characterization of sites, evaluation and design of facilities, to the development of talent, measurement of competencies and planning of technical and executive careers, have been unique experiences that have allowed Weave an extraordinary strength in the company’s resource and knowledge base.

The great challenge throughout this cycle has been to remain competitive, be useful to our customers, adapting and incorporating best practices and technologies to achieve the “state of the art” in each project we carry out. Evolve with the industry, always be ahead of the changes, visualize needs, be very proactive; This has been the great value of those who make up CBM. That is why we have developed our own methodologies that we have put at the service of our customers. Methodologies that are best practices at the international level. A CBM professional must remain “employable”, that is, be competitive, always up to date in their field of knowledge, in their specialization, in their area of performance. This is a value of the company and therefore of its people.

In CBM we do not have space to look to the past, we always look forward, to the future, to be able to build new opportunities, to also open the vision to our clients, suppliers, allies and friends. History enriches us and gives us the sustenance to move forward, but the challenges are always to build a future.

Organizations like human beings are living beings, they are born, they grow, they develop and at some moment they perish. It is in the vision of its leaders, in the attitude of its directors, its administrators and its technicians and specialists, to extend that life cycle to the maximum. A wise phrase expressed by the former Secretary General of OPEC, Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Yamani translates this statement of survival: “Stone age was not finished for lack of stone”, he said once several decades ago, looking for a great understanding among the member countries of OPEC at difficult times, to achieve one of the many agreements necessary in order to keep the organization alive, energetic and competitive.

To paraphrase Sheikh Yamani, we can say that the oil era will not end due to the lack of oil, so at CBM we have made innovation a value, a technology a principle and a commitment to update; In this way we can continue for many more years, forming the new generations of young people who are in full growth, young people with energy, with new ideas, all this to prolong the life cycle of the company to the maximum.

This new version of our website is a reflection of what has been our evolution as a company and what we can offer to continue fulfilling our vision of a Mexican company of reference for the oil and gas industry, recognized for the excellence of its people, the application of innovative concepts and the commitment to create value for their clients.

We are very happy to be fifteen years old and this gives us the motivation to live again adolescence and with that vigor continue to bring the best of our professional, moral value. As a Mexican company we want to give back to the country the help it gave us by allowing us to develop a new life project, together with our families and build an organization that we are proud of today.

Luis Vielma Lobo and Freddy Pérez Díaz