Technical Limit Impact on the Portfolio

It allows to reduce costs and bring early production to the cash flow generating an increase in the Portfolio NPV.

¿What is Technical Limit?

Methodological process through which, based on good planning, communication and security, you can use the best people and the technology available, in order to run the drilling of a well in the shortest time and at the lowest cost, without compromising security.


It consists in bringing to an optimum limit the time in which the activities of the well intervention will be implemented. An analysis of the times of the correlation wells is performed, identifying the best performance.

Within the methodology VCDSE, the technical limit is determined in the phase of definition however the analysis to determine it begins before, at least during the phase of conceptualization.

Application of the technical limit during the construction of the well

  • Technical Limit meeting (design and operations engineers): Design review and Technical limit results; Preliminary drilling Program agreement.
  • Virtual Drilling workshop (EMD VCDs, operations staff, service companies):
  • Design review and drilling program.
  • Review/elaboration of risk/opportunity matrices and mitigation plans.
  • Assignment of tasks and creation of commitments.
  • Final drilling Program agreement.

Actions in order to obtain these benefits

  • Training of personnel from a technical and operational point of view as a high performance working team
  • Certification in key competencies
  • Team Integration
  • Incentives/Recognitions