Technical optimization:

1.- Identification of opportunities in exploration, evaluation and development plans:
  • Optimization (times and costs) of wells interventions.
  • Optimization of production forecasts (initial expenses and drilling sequence).
  • Optimization (times and costs) of production facilities and synergies.
  • Optimization of contractual schemes.
2.- Cost estimation (OPEX and CAPEX)
3.- Definition of scenarios:
  • High scenario (optimistic)
  • Middle Scenario
  • Low scenario (pessimistic)
4.- Economic evaluations with different execution schemes and price sensitivities:
  1. Assignments: Self-effort, CSIEE
  2. Farmout: Share production, shared earnings, license
  3. Change of tax regime CEE: Shared production, share earnings, license, services
5.- Cluster structuring (grouping of projects that improve business value and reduce risk)