Our team

We are a group of practitioners with expertise in the oil industry and international experience supporting the Mexican oil sector. We put special emphasis on Exploration and Production processes. CBMX is a specialized technical assistance consultancy. We have our own copyrighted methodologies to be applied in the different processes of the value chain from strategic planning to operational level.


CBMX™ was founded by Luis Vielma Lobo and Freddy Perez Diaz in 2003. They dedicated their time to conceptualize the technical programs that they wanted to offer to PEMEX E&P. A package of programs was defined with the support of the former PEMEX E&P General Director, a technological alliance was signed with COMESA, a PEMEX subsidiary which provides services to PEMEX E&P. They decided to lead a team of technicians of different competences, with an average of 20 years of experience. They have developed several methodologies to facilitate the knowledge transfer process through the “learning by doing” it approach.

As result our experience in Mexico, CBMX designed and well drilling planning of more than 600 wells in different land and off shore areas. The firm has also well production optimization programs implemented in 7 over 14 production assets; more than 200 technical proposals delivered, and 26 Postmortem integrated analysis of wells drilled at E&P regions with high impact over the planning process. Also, CBMX has worked in the implementation on two Integrated Asset Management programs to improve the recovery factor and optimize oil production in two different assets within the south region of the E&P business.

Working in the Mexican oil industry for






Adding more than


combined years of experience

We have developed


proprietary methodologies

Worked in over


locations in Mexico

Designed over




The following timeline represents some of the milestones, events, projects and experience we have acquired though this years:



  • 1st project with PEMEX

  • Study for the transformation of drilling at PEMEX

  • Implementation of career development based on competencies. Development of executive Staff

  • Integrated Asset Management

  • Energy Reform

  • National production platform

  • National Content

  • Technological promotion and incorporation of best business practices in PEP

  • Integrated Field Laboratories

  • Well Reactivation

  • Corporative University

  • Post perforation Integral Analysis

  • PEMEX PEP Transformation

  • Pilot for Technological Wells

  • Contractual schemes for the infrastructure and well construction

  • Development of the regulatory framework for Well Drilling

  • Productivity of wells and facilities

  • Critical process Optimization

  • Strengthening strategy EPS PPS

  • New self financed contractual schemes

  • Technical assistance for the design of wells with the VCDSE methodology

  • Development of business cases for rounds 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 3.1 and Farmaouts

  • Technical support for companies post-Energy Reform

  • Identification of opportunities to increase profitability in E&P projects

  • Technical assistance for well design with the VCDSE methodology for Pemex and private companies

  • Technical support for Ecuador and Colombia companies

Things we have done:

  • Well design
  • Study of competencies and career path of executives
  • Integrated management methodologies of productive oil assets
  • Technical and economic evaluations of tenderings derived from the energy reform in the oil rounds.
  • Design of Exploration, Evaluation and Development plans.
  • Project management with SENER for the Federal Government regarding the Energy Reform.
  • Well regulations for CNH

Things we have learned:

  • In depth understanding of the needs, priorities and expectations of the client
  • Understanding of how the client operates in the different regions
  • Knowledge of Mexican reservoirs as well as associated geological characteristics
  • Development of intellectual capital related to strategic, tactical and operational aspects
  • Knowledge of government regulations
  • Network of institutional relationships in the Federal Government, Congress and on a local government level