How we work

Our professionals are pioneers in the application of the VCD methodology in Mexico

The VCD methodology has been used by Pemex to standardize its well design processes. Its application has allowed to increase the mechanical and volumetric success, for which reason its use has been extended and is today the foundation of the established policies in the matter of drilling in Mexico.


Our proprietary methodologies


Methodology that maximizes the definition of a project, reducing its risk and uncertainty through previous Visualization, Conceptualization and Definition; it also includes Monitoring and Evaluation.


Method that evaluates the drilling process, analyzing the combined result of the previous phases with the objective of extracting lessons learned using the Cause-Root methodology.


Methodology used to evaluate infrastructure projects (plants, pipelines, pears) and determine opportunities for improvement that can be capitalized on future projects.


Methodology used to establish the sequence of priorities that facilitates the optimal selection of the drainage points required to size a reservoir.


Management approach that seeks to take strategic and financial decisions as close as possible to the operation, thereby achieving a higher response speed.


Methodology that facilitates the integral vision of analysis of an Exploitation Plan for Assets, considering elements of risk and valuation, seeking to maximize the creation of value through an optimal portfolio of projects.


Methodology that provides tools for the comprehensive analysis of the elements: reservoir, drainage area, wells and facilities, as well as strengthening skills in the work team for the optimization of well production


Use of research concepts of laboratories applied in the field, in areas defined for technology development with concentrated multidisciplinary teams, measurement systems and monitoring and evaluation of business cases.


Methodology that identifies areas of opportunity for the development of personnel competencies, contributing to focus talent training in key technical and administrative areas of the business.


System that determines the phase or the state of advance of an exploratory project based on tangible indicators that allow to evaluate the progress in its development.


Methodology that complements the SIP, with emphasis on the analysis of facilities and surface equipment seeking to eliminate “bottlenecks” and using the programming of operations to optimize the handling of hydrocarbons.


Methodology that incorporates instruction and on-site tutoring in order to achieve the efficient management of activities associated with operations of production and maintenance, within the framework of the Integrated Asset Management.


Methodology that allows analyzing and elaborating possible and feasible scenarios, which are hierarchized in accordance with the premises and their respective assessment, generating a broader vision during the decision-making process.


Programs developed for the closing of technical and generic gaps of professionals, using formal training and learning-doing techniques.