We offer high standard knowledge and quality

CBMX offers solutions aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of our customers by maximizing their technical and operational efficiency, through comprehensive engineering approaches, risk analysis and economic evaluations. Our specialized methodologies include: comprehensive vision, orientation and strategic and technical analysis, knowledge transfer, training with the “hands on” approach, innovation, knowledge management and Project Management.

Our services are based on our experiences:

Integral transformation and engineer processes

  • Analysis and diagnosis of processes to determine Business Value creation options.

Diagnostic and development of specific projects

  • Diagnostic and evaluation projects for its execution.
  • Project development applying methodological CBM™ focus.

Human Resources Training

  • Technical training focused on “Learning by doing”.
  • Integral training programs for Executives to support value creation.

The satisfaction of our customers is our priority


Our team is constantly evolving to incorporate innovation and best practices. We are pioneers in the development of new models and methodologies that ensure operational efficiency to add value in E&P processes.

To achieve operational efficiency we offer you:

  • Methodologies that improve each E&aP process
  • New contracting models
  • World class operating services
  • Alliances to add profitability